A Cappella Pop Covers
Tufts Beelzebubs - Shake it Out
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Tufts Beelzebubs - Shake It Out

OPB: Florence + the Machine

I’m used to hearing all female or co-ed groups do this haunting Florence track, but I was surprised to hear the Bubs took it on on their latest release and was pleasantly surprised with what I heard so I HAD to own it

Juxtaposition - All of Me
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Virginia Tech Juxtaposition - All of Me

OPB: John Legend

Probably the most popular pop ballad on top 40 radio right now, Juxta did a great arrangement not straying far from the original… I love these guys

Potsdam Pointercounts - Wonderwall of Broken Dreams
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(SUNY) Potsdam Pointercounts - Wonderwall of Broken Dreams

OPB: Oasis/Green Day

Album: After Hours

Great Mashup of Oasis and Green Day

Part 2 of Home Free’s Track by Track review of Crazy Life

Check out Home Free’s Track by Track review of their major label debut “Crazy Life”

Peter Hollens - Fields of Gold (Ft Tyler Ward & Lindsey Stirling)

OPB: Sting

2 days ago we posted the audio of this collaboration, but Peter has informed me that the version I bought on iTunes was Tyler Ward’s that had guitar in it… The “A Cappella” version is Peter and Tyler’s voices layered over Lindsey’s violin skills… Stupid iTunes mixed the two up and I bought the wrong version…. OOPS :P

If you want to hear the difference check out Tyler Ward’s video here


Wolfgang A Cappella - My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (Light Em Up)
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Wolfgang A Cappella - My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (Light Em’ Up)

OPB: Fall Out Boy

Album: Critical Hit!

I first heard this arrangement (and this group rather) on Acaville Radio (Check out the player at the bottom of our page) Such a fresh take on a fantastic song

Peter Hollens - Fields of Gold (A Cappella)
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Peter Hollens, Tyler Ward, and Lindsey Stirling - Fields of Gold

OPB: Sting

I’ve always loved this song, not a cappella to say the least since it features the wonderful Lindsey Stirling on violin and Tyler Ward on guitar but it’s still Peter and we’ve been showing him love from the beginning… Video coming soon :)

Peter Hollens (Ft BYU Vocal Point and BYU Noteworthy) - Kiss The Girl

OPB: Disney’s The Little Mermaid (Alan Menken)

Youtuber and funnyman Stuart Edge recruited Peter Hollens and the male and female groups from Brigham Young University for his latest video where he hits on random girls, pretends to ask for directions and pops up on random couples forcing them to kiss. This video is live and in the moment, no post production involved

BYU Vocal Point - Happy
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BYU Vocal Point - Happy

OPB: Pharrell Williams

Album: Spectrum

I know it’s the IT a cappella song right now, it’s probably the most popular song in the world right now… But it’s SO DANG CATCHY