A Cappella Pop Covers

Duwende - Love Never Felt So Good

OPB: Michael Jackson

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Home Free - Beach Boys Medley
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Home Free - Beach Boys Medley (Kokomo/Surfin’ USA/I Get Around)

OPB: The Beach Boys

Album: Kickin’ It Old School

Since I’m on a Beach Boys kick… I figured I’d share this gem. Pre-country Home Free… Their second studio album “Kickin’ It Old School” and a Beach Boys Medley 

OC Times - In My Room
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OC Times - In My Room

OPB: The Beach Boys

Album: The Road

The Beach Boys have had some of the best harmonies in pop music… In fact they were the first artist to use an 8 track recorder in the studio on Good Vibrations…. It’s natural for a cappella groups, barbershop quartets and choirs to sing their music…This is just brilliant

Max Q - Don't Rain On My Parade
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Max Q - Don’t Rain on My Parade

OPB: Barbra Streisand (From Funny Girl)

Album: Journey

Musae - Amnesia

OPB: Justin Timberlake




VoicePlay’s #ALSIceBucketChallenge

Peter Hollens ft Malukah - Baba Yetu (Civilization IV Theme)

OPB: Christopher Tin

Peter’s latest video is in Swahili and isn’t completely a cappella but it’s still brilliant! 

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A little #TBT action for ya…. Home Free’s evolution from around 2008 up until today… several member changes later and a country twist and here they are now!

I had a couple of pics that I either didn’t have, or didn’t quite fit the collage format that I’ve attached as well :)

VoicePlay ft Rachel Potter - Chandelier

OPB: Sia

VoicePlay once again collaborated with their dear friend and X Factor USA Season 3 Alum Rachel Potter to deliver this haunting arrangement of Sia’s hit

Home Free - It’s a Beautiful Day

OPB: Michael Buble

Randomly found this while combing the Home Free Facebook page for older pictures… Probably one of the first Home Free arrangements to feature Austin Brown